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Rover Ski Skins are made of 100% nylon plush for ultimate grip and durability. Our low-angle fibers make these the fastest nylon skins on the market. These skins come in a universal length for custom tip assembly and to save you $$$, making these ski skins the best value in the industry. Combined with our self-renewing skin glue, these climbing skins will stand the test of time.


About The Rover Ski Skins

Simplicity, reliability, and durability defined. If you want a no BS product that will work for you every time, look no further. The Rover is here.

Rover Ski Skins are 100% nylon and designed for those who value the most reliable and long-lasting backcountry equipment. The universal length makes purchasing a breeze, saves you money, and emables you to assemble the skins to your preferred length. BSMP's best-in-class, self-renewing skin glue stays strong in all conditions and can be relied on for years of heavy use. The reliable grip of nylon allows us to use a lower fiber angle to maximize glide on snow. Our tip and tail connectors are virtually unbreakable and the most secure in the industry. These skins come with a two-year warranty on the nylon plush and glue and also a lifetime warranty on our tip/tail connectors.

Package Includes

  • Pair of nylon ski skins at your chosen width, with a tail taper and Standard Print Graphic
  • Pre-Assembled Quick-Snap Tail Connectors
  • Pair of universal Wire Tip Connectors
  • 4 rivets for Wire Tip Connector assembly
  • Nail/hole punch
  • Skin Wax
  • Assembly and trimming instructions
  • BSMP Sticker
  • Optional Trim Tool

Additional Product Specs

Product Add-ons

Cheat Sheets:

A strong sheet of mesh which can be used between your folded skins for ease of pulling apart.

Note: Cheat Sheets are not meant to protect your glue. Store the skins glue-to-glue and they’ll last longer.

Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain:

Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain, by Bruce Temper, is the #1 BSMP-recommended book for Avalanche Education. Comprehensive, insightful, and an entertaining read, it’s tough to beat this resource for avalanche self-education. Get it at a discount when you add-on to any pair of climbing skins.

From the publisher:

The more you know about snow stability, the better your travel and rescue skills. And the sharper your decision making, the better you’ll be able to avoid avalanche danger and have more fun in the winter backcountry. In Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain, 3rd Edition, acclaimed snow and avalanche expert Bruce Tremper provides easy-to-understand avalanche safety tips and skills, including the latest snow research and techniques for evaluating snowpack, as well how to rescue companions in the event of an avalanche.




We recommend that customers use the tail width of their skis as a reference for a standard skin fit. So, if the tail of your ski is 110mm wide, we would suggest a 115mm skin. For those who desire extra grip, purchase a skin wide enough to cover the entirety of your tip. For those desiring extra glide, get a skinnier skin based on your ski’s width underfoot and cut the skin straight to reveal more base at your tip and tail.


Absolutely! Our tip connectors are designed to work universally by slipping the notch of the connector over your tip rather than encapsulating the entirety of the tip within the clip. This is a secure and easy-to-use system no matter the shape of your skis.

What if I want to use my own tip and tail connectors?

We sell a product just for you! Check our our clipless option…

Naked Climbing Skin Package (Clipless)

Product Specs

Can fit skis up to 200cm long.

Trimmed Skin Weight
Based off 180cm 98mm underfoot ski
Pre-Trimmed Skin Dimensions
100mm x 200cm
110mm x 200cm
125mm x 200cm

140mm x 200cm

Rover ski skin Reviews

6 reviews for Rover Ski Skins - Standard Print (Universal Length)

  1. Jose (verified owner)

    Best skins in the Milky Way Galaxy. Super grippy but still glide incredibly well. Way more affordable than a shitty pair of G3’s skins. And by far the best customer service I’ve ever had experience with. You can’t beat local quality!!!!

  2. Dusty

    Amazed how well these skins held up through a season of heavy use. The glue is next level and is reliable lap after lap in all weather and snow conditions. I’d recommend getting cheat sheets as the skins can be hard to pull apart the first dozen times using them. For a nylon skin they glide surprisingly well and fold up small. Awesome that they come with skin wax, these guys really care about the product they put out.

  3. Victor

    Used these last year and they functioned perfectly. Easy to set-up and cut. Great durability and grip on the snow, especially noticeable one the second lap when other skins might get wet. Can’t go wrong with the pineapple!

  4. Porter

    These are easily the best skins I’ve used. The glue holds up really well over time unlike other brands I’ve used in the past. They’ve put a lot of attention detail with both the tip and tail clips ensuring that that skins stay snug on the ski throughout the entire tour. It’s always good to support a local company who stands by there product and is constantly trying to find ways to improve upon something that’s already great.

  5. Skimt18

    Bomber skins at a great price! No question that these guys have engineered the best glue in the market, and the nylon plush is super grippy on the uphills while still having surprisingly good glide on the long tours! The tip and tail clips are easy to use and very reliable, never have had an issue with the tail clip slipping at all… looking forward to seeing what else this company can come up with in the future!!

  6. Christopher Kussmaul

    These skins have been with me for a few years now, and have seen use from skiing local peaks to a Denali trip in Alaska. There’s no question that they’re the most durable skins around. Having used a few other brands, I found myself frustrated with the longevity of skin glue – BSMP has really fixed that issue, offering a skin that will last after years of abuse. My skins have been abused, left in the bottom of my backpack wet for days at a time and are often found crumped on my floor, yet never has the glue come off the skin and stuck to the bottom of my bases. The nylon, just as a matter of fact, is slower than a mohair mix – but as far as nylon goes, these offer smooth and consistent glide. The added grip was much appreciated while hauling in excess of 100lbs to our basecamp on Denali!

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Looking for a different connection for your skins?

We offer traditional tip stretchers and also clipless skins for our riders that have their own tips and tail connections.

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30% OFF ON '22/'23 CLIMBING SKINS - Use code "SEPTEMBER23" for 30% off all of last year's skins while supplies last. Get them while you can!