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BSMP is focused on providing you with the most reliable, durable, and sustainable climbing skins in the world without sacrificing performance.

Through the years, we’ve worked hard to develop bomber tip and tail connectors, long-lasting glue that doesn’t freeze in the cold, and plush that survives the most abrasive conditions. From Antarctica, to the Himalaya, to Denali, the reliability of our skins has been put to the test in the most extreme conditions without failure.

Concurrently, our mohair mix and synthetic climbing skins are at least as light and fast as any European climbing skins in their respective classes. Their low-profile build and 20cm tail straps minimize bulk and weight, while their low-angle plush gives them superior glide. Our skins’ blend of reliability and performance makes them the perfect choice for both larger expeditions and shorter tours in your home range.

Beyond our skins, our state of the art reglue service is keeping not only our own, but skins from all brands out of the landfill. We exist on the premise that selling our products and services must mean a net decrease in both consumerism and our industry’s environmental impact. Our reglue service is just another way that we’re making that happen.

Ski touring on glacier
Group of backcountry skiers using climbing skins.



Tom is largely considered one of the leading machinists in the country. He’s led major machining programs at the US Department of Energy National Laboratories, taught university for years, and has started several successful machining companies. He puts his expertise toward keeping BSMP running smoothly and helping to make product ideas a reality.

He also might be your dad’s favorite skier. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, prior to fully committing to his career as a machinist, Tom appeared in several magazines and extreme ski movies while becoming a pioneer of Montana backcountry skiing. He was one of the first to explore several ski zones and lines in the Bridgers and Beartooths of southwest Montana.



Eric and Jackson run daily operations at BSMP. Eric oversees production and development while Jackson handles the business end. They’re both dedicated backcountry skiers and ski mountaineers with climbs and descents such as the 26 tallest peaks in Montana and Denali under their belts. Their experiences in the mountains have guided the direction of everything BSMP has to offer.

The Legend Of The Pineapple


By Tom Jungst

What began as a simple prank became a lifelong symbol of friendship, goodwill, and fun in the mountains for my buddies and I.

Shopping for a night ascent of Lone Mountain I bought a large pineapple and hid it deep within a friend’s backpack. Arriving on the summit after a long slog, my companion finally found the pineapple in the bottom of his bag. Some tense words were exchanged followed by laughter and eventually the realization that nothing tastes better than fresh pineapple after so much effort!

What is more absurd than a spikey heavy fruit on a mountaintop? My penance was to carry the next pineapple to a summit.

It became a right to carry one from then on. Our crew expanded in those wild days, skiing the Bridger Ridge and Lone Peak years before the Tram. Doug Coombs challenged us to have fun and be silly as we skied harder and harder. For Jim Conway everything was a race and I was up for at least trying to keep up. Scot Schmidt raced me head to head in a dual slalom season finale in about 1980, winning handily before going on to seek his path in Squaw. Scot returned to his roots in Montana and still spends his skiing. Jim guides in Alaska and Doug is with us in spirit.

The pineapple became the logo of BSMP and it represents everything fun about those youthful days. We send you forth with pineapples on your feet with hopes that you’ll have the opportunity to create some of your greatest memories in the mountains just as we have.

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