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Big Sky Mountain Products offers American-made ski skins, splitboard skins, accessories, and services for people who value reliability and efficiency in the backcountry. Whatever your climbing skin needs, we’ve got you covered.

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Our ski skins last forever, work in all conditions and are equipped with proven, bomber connectors. They’re the best value in the business and a great addition to any setup.

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Splitboard Skins

Our splitboard skins use the same proven formula as our ski skins, but utilize bomber splitboard connectors from Big Sky Mountain Products and Spark R&D.

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Reglue Service

BSMP’s mechanized process is the only way to reglue your skins if you want a guaranteed high-quality, long-lasting, safe, and convenient finished product. Rather than dealing with the mess of DIY, avoid the headache and send your skins to us.

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We source only the most comfortable recycled materials for our apparel while giving them that funky BSMP stylistic flair.

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Improve your avalanche and backcountry knowledge.

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Check out our skin accessories to upgrade or maintain your old skins. New connectors, wax, and cheat sheets could all improve your experience in the backcountry.